Real Numbers: (reflects fiscal year 2017-2018). One out of 65 jobs in Lower South Carolina is supported by the activities of TCL and its students. Alumni impact:
Impact of the increased earnings of TCL alumni and the businesses they work for: $104.7 million
Added income; an economic boost similar 
to hosting the World Series
17 times; or, 1,796 Jobs supported. Operations spending impact: Impact of annual payroll and other spending: $18.4 million
Added income; enough to buy 
549 new cars, or 371
Jobs supported. Student spending impact: Impact of the daily spending of TCL students attracted to or retained in the region: $5.8 million
Added income; enough to buy 466 families a year’s worth of groceries, or 105 Jobs supported. Construction spending impact: $383.5 thousand added income. TCL Total Annual Impact: $129.3 million added income; or, 2,279
Jobs supported. Sources: Emsi Economic Impact Study
Real R.O.I. Investment analysis (reflects fiscal year 2017-2018): The average associate degree graduate from TCL will see an increase in earnings of $8,500 each year compared to someone with a high school diploma working in South Carolina. No high school diploma earns $19,100 or less. High school diploma earns $24,100. Certificate earns $28,300. Associate degree earns $32,600. Bachelor's degree earns $42,400. For every dollar, Students gain $6 in lifetime earnings, Taxpayers gain
$3.30 in added tax revenue and public sector savings, and Society gains $10.10 in added state revenue and social savings.


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