Let’s get registered.

Registration is the process of planning and officially registering your seat in class. It’s best to meet with your academic advisor before you register. Use your TCL Self-Service account to register for classes. See details below. Registration for Fall 2021 is currently open.

The Registration & Payment Deadline for fall is Thursday, August 19.

See additional Important Dates & Deadlines here.

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Enrollment & Registration Guide

Everything you need to know about enrollment and registration can be found in our new and improved 2021–2022 Summer, Fall, Spring Registration Guide PDF. 

What courses are offered when?

Visit the course search tool to see a list of Fall 2021 classes being offered

Remember to use the course search tool for the most up-to-date listings. Always meet with your advisor to plan an appropriate course schedule before you register.

Register for Classes

TCL Self-Service Student Planner allows students to review their progress, plan their schedule and register for classes. Financial Aid will not be awarded for courses you register in that are not required in your program of study. NOTE: If you are not in the correct program of study, contact your advisor to change it prior to registering for classes.

Registration Instructions:

  1. Login to TCL Self-Service at tcl.edu/selfservice.
  2. Select the Student Planning tab.
  3. Go to My Progress to review the courses you still need to plan and register for. From My Progress, select a course to place on your plan.
  4. Click View Available Sections. Review the sections to select the one that works best with your schedule. Click Add Section to Schedule.
  5. Review section details and click Add Section.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 to build your schedule.
  7. Select Plan and Schedule from the Student Planning tab at the top of the page.
  8. Use the arrows to navigate to the term you are registering for. Select Register for each planned course in each term OR select Register Now to register for all planned courses. Be sure to review for error messages and take appropriate steps to resolve.
  9. Check to be sure your course status moves from Planned to Registered for each desired course.

Video Instructions — Click below.

See more detailed instructions here.

Fall 2021 Registration Dates

 FallFall IFall IIIFall II
Registration OpensMar. 22Mar. 22Mar. 22Mar. 22
Last Day to RegisterAug. 19Aug. 19Sep. 17Oct. 11

Spring 2022 Registration Dates

 SpringSpring ISpring IIISpring II
Registration OpensOct. 11, 2021Oct. 11, 2021Oct. 11, 2021Oct. 11, 2021
Last Day to RegisterJan. 6Jan. 6Feb. 3Mar. 1

Note: Students who wish to take a course outside of their program and pay for it out of pocket should contact Student Records on the Beaufort Campus (Bldg. 2, Room 106).


The option to waitlist a full course is available for all Arts & Sciences courses. To waitlist an eligible planned course, follow steps 1–8 above. Click the WAITLIST button in the Plan and Schedule screen.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to add yourself to a waitlist in Student Planning function of Self-Service.

Late Registration/Add Authorization

Instructor approval is required for late registration. Only courses with available seats are eligible for late registration. Students are required to email the instructor of a planned course to request add authorization. Once add authorization is granted, students may then register for the planned course within Self Service. See the video above for instructions.

Registered? Now what?

Once you register, remember to complete these additional enrollment steps:

  1. If you registered without being advised, schedule a time to check in with your advisor – just to make sure you are in the right classes.
  2. Apply or make updates to your financial aid.
  3. Pay your outstanding tuition and fees. (You can check your balance on Self-Service.)
  4. Purchase books.

Swap & Drop/Late Registration Tutorial

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