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Let’s get registered.

It’s not too late – you can still attend TCL this fall. Register now for Fall III (12-week) and Fall II (8-week) classes.

Fall III Classes: 12-Week Term
Start: 9/13/17  End: 12/11/17
Register & Pay by 9/7/17

Fall II Classes: 8-Week Term
Start: 10/11/17  End: 12/11/17
Register & Pay by 10/5/17

What courses are offered when?

Visit the course search tool to see a list of classes being offered each semester. Or download the 2017 Fall II & III Class Listing PDF. (Please use the course search tool for the most up-to-date listings.) Always meet with your advisor to plan an appropriate course schedule before you register.)

Be sure to check out these important dates and deadlines.

2017_18TCLEnrollmentGuide-1Registration Guide

Everything you need to know about enrollment and registration can be found in our new and improved registration guide PDF.

NEW! Summer, Fall, Spring 2017-2018 Registration Guide PDF

Registration Steps for Current Students:

  1. Search for classes to plan your spring class schedule.
  2. Meet with your advisor to ensure you’re choosing the right classes.
  3. Register online through your WebAdvisor account. (Click here for step-by-step instructions.)

Once you register, remember to complete these additional enrollment steps:

  1. If you registered without being advised, schedule a time to check in with your advisor – just to make sure you are in the right classes.
  2. Apply or make updates to your financial aid.
  3. Print your class schedule and fee statement from WebAdvisor.
  4. Pay your outstanding tuition and fees. (You can check your balance on WebAdvisor.)
  5. Purchase books.


 Are you NEW to TCL?

Then be sure to visit our Admissions page to learn about your next steps.

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