It wouldn’t be financial aid without forms, right? But think of it this way, spending the time to complete the necessary forms properly does more than you might think. It helps expedite the process and ensures you get as much financial aid as you qualify for. Most important, it’s one of the first steps toward receiving a college degree or certificate and that goes a long way toward getting you a good job in the future.

All financial aid forms are submitted electronically and require TCL email login credentials to access. For assistance setting up your TCL email account to access electronic forms visit or contact


Scholarships & State Grants

2022–2023 SC Needs Based Grant Affidavit

2022–2023 SC Workforce Affidavit

2022–2023 Life Scholarship Affidavit & Certification


2022–2023 FAFSA Signature Page

2022–2023 FAFSA Waiver Request

2022–2023 V1 Dependent Verification

2022–2023 V1 Independent Verification

2022–2023 Identity and Statement of Education Purpose

2022–2023 V5 Dependent Aggregate Verification

2022–2023 V5 Independent Aggregate Verification

2022–2023 Asset Verification Form

Bachelor’s Degree Clarification

Clarification of Parent Marital Status/Tax Filing Statement

Clarification of Parent SSN or Date of Birth

Clarification of Student Marital Status/Tax Filing Status

Clarification of Student SSN or Date of Birth

Dependency Override Request

Dependency Status Clarification

2022–2023 Household Member Support Verification

2022–2023 Household Member Support Verification for Parent

2022–2023 Unusual Enrollment History Form

Unusual Enrollment Appeal


Loan Adjustment/Cancellation Form

Student Loan Bankruptcy Status Clarification

Default of Student Loan Resolution

2022–2023 Federal Parent Plus Loan Affirmation

2022–2023 NSLDS Loan Disability Discharge Confirmation Check

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and Appeal

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy: Updates in progress

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Academic Plan

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