Section Swap and Drop

Students may request to switch sections of the same course (i.e. ENG 101-01 for ENG 101-03) during Swap and Drop.

  • Student must send request from your TCL email to the Division Dean.
  • Student is responsible for any tuition and/or fees associated with the schedule change.

Arts and Sciences:
Business and Industrial:
Health Sciences:

Dropping/Withdrawing From a Class

To drop or withdraw from a course, send your instructor an email from your TCL student email account requesting to be dropped or withdrawn from the course. Save a copy of the email. Please contact Financial Aid before dropping or withdrawing from a course to determine any impact on their financial aid.

Dropping or withdrawing from a course will affect your progress toward your educational goal. There may be financial implications for dropping or withdrawing after the start of the semester.

  • Talk with your instructor about your situation.
  • If you receive Financial Aid, meet with your Financial Aid Counselor to determine the impact of dropping or withdrawing to your aid.

Dropping (deleting) a class before the start of the semester:

  • Login to TCL Self-Service at and Select the Student Planning tab
  • Go to Plan & Schedule
  • Select the “Drop” button on the class you wish to drop and follow the prompts. Be sure the status on the class changes from “Registered” to “Planned.”

Dropping a class  after the semester starts:

  • You may drop a class without record and with a tuition refund (see chart) during Swap and Drop. Please note that you will be responsible for the mandatory fees.
  • Email your instructor from your TCL email with a request to drop. Save a copy of the email for your records.

Withdrawing from a class:

  • You may withdraw from a class after the Swap and Drop period and prior to the final exam. Your transcript will reflect a “W” or “WP” if you are passing the class when you withdraw or a grade of “WF” if you are failing the course on the last date you attended. A “WF” is calculated the same as an “F” in your GPA. See refund dates to see if a tuition refund will apply. You will be responsible for all mandatory course fees.
  • Email your instructor from your TCL email with a request to drop. Save a copy of the email for your records.

Fall 2021 Tuition Refund Deadlines*

TermLast Day of 100%Last Day of 50%0% on or after
(7 week)
(7 week)
(10 week)

Spring 2022 Tuition Refund Deadlines*

TermLast Day of 100%Last Day of 50%0% on or after
(7 week)
(7 week)
(10 week)
* Refund for terms that vary in length from the regular semester will be prorated and assessed according to the refund schedule provided in this course schedule. All dates are subject to change.

Financial Aid: What happens when you withdraw?

Students who withdraw from classes may need an R2T4 (Return of Title IV Funds) completed. TCL recalculates federal financial aid for students who withdraw from the college prior to completing 60% of the term in accordance with the Return of Title IV Federal Funds regulations. The recalculation is based on the percent of earned aid for the term. The percent earned is determined by the number of calendar days completed divided by the number of calendar days in the term. Contact Financial Aid for more information.

When the R2T4 calculation results in students being eligible to receive previously undistributed “earned” aid (Post-Withdrawal Disbursement), they will be notified via email. Written authorization from the student will be requested and is required before a loan can be processed and disbursed to the student. The student may choose to decline some or all of the PWD funds as to not incur further debt.