Renting TCL Facilities

College facilities are primarily for the academic and related activities of the institution. However, space may be available to external organizations when TCL is open, adequately staffed and when existing facility space and parking are not required for current operations.

If your organization or group has an interest in renting TCL facilities for a meeting or event, please send a letter of request, including the specific detail such as date, time, type and purpose of the event and the number attending to the Vice President for Administrative Services. Mail to: Technical College of the Lowcountry, ATTN: Vice President for Administrative Services, PO Box 1288, Beaufort, SC 29901 or fax the letter to 843-525-8330.

The Vice President’s office will notify the requestor if the space is available and if there is a charge. Additional services such as security, multi-media equipment and staff, administrative, and others may be charged depending on the request.