FY 2022/23 to 2026/27

“Skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”

Wayne Gretzky

Dear Colleagues,

We need a framework to ensure the strongest future direction for the Technical College of the Lowcountry. This strategic plan will provide that framework. A strategic plan is a proactive stance in an environment of changing demands and limited resources. I believe it to be essential to the success of our mission. It will guide decision making by linking unit-level operations and objectives with institutional goals and will be a basis for budgetary decisions and resource allocations.

Each unit – academic, service, and administrative – is tasked with creating a five-year strategic plan to include objectives and budgets aligned with our four institutional goals and imbued with our institutional values. The process will require us to examine our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, to make choices, and set priorities. Strategic planning is a college-wide, all-hands task. I’d like our work completed by December 1. It’s an ambitious timeline and I am asking for your cooperation as we implement the process.

As always, I am confident of our success.

Rich Gough, President


Our vision is to elevate each student and every community we serve through transformative technology and exceptional teaching.


TCL provides quality, affordable academic and technical programs leading to Associate Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates in an environment fostering excellence in teaching and learning.


  • Cultivate an environment of accountability, communication and teamwork.
  • Advance academic quality.
  • Refine and improve operational effectiveness and promote resource stewardship.
  • Enhance and sustain student success from application to completion.


  • Excellence
    • We value continuous quality improvement leading to true excellence in all areas of the college.
  • Innovation 
    • We value expansion and enhancement of the college’s services and educational offerings to meet the increasing and changing needs of students, employers and the communities we serve.
  • Integrity 
    • We value responsibility, accountability, ethical behavior in an atmosphere of honesty, open communication, and with mutual respect.
  • Respect 
    • We value an education environment that attracts and supports a diverse student and staff community, and fosters awareness.
  • Stewardship 
    • We value the responsible use of resources to achieve balance among social, economic, and environmental practices.

Unit Strategic Plans


Strategic Planning Committee

Rodney Adams, Associate Vice President for Student Services

Larry Beckler, Director of Facility Management

Sasha Bishop, Dean of Learning Support

Jessica Bridges, Assistant Vice President for Advancement and Associate Director, TCL Foundation

Allison Canning, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management

Mary Lee Carns, Strategic Planning Facilitator

Dr. Frederick Cooper, Dean, Arts & Sciences

Leigh Copeland, Assistant Vice President for Advancement, Marketing and Public Relations

Laura Dukes, Dean, Business & Industrial Technology

Dr. Richard Gough, President

Christa Guicherit, Psychology Instructor

Erika Johnson, Director, Radiologic Technology Program

Russell Keevy, Faculty Senate President

Chef Francine Marz, Dean, Culinary Institute of the South

Brian McDaniel, Paralegal Instructor

Camille Myers, Director of Research and Planning

Dr. Dana Pentz, Guided Pathways Director

Michael Ricks, Interim Director, Office of Continuing Education & Workforce Development

Dr. Joey Swearingen, Dean, Health Sciences

Nancy Weber, Vice President, Student Services

Heather Weiss, English Instructor

Hayes Wiser, Chief Information Officer

Dr. Leslie Worthington, Vice President, Academic Affairs

Ashley Yoakum, Controller

External Member TBD

Student Representatives TBD