The mission of the student  success and retention program is to assist students over the hurdles that are preventing students from reaching the goals they set for themselves.

Student Success at Technical College of the Lowcountry

The Technical College of the Lowcountry is adamant when it comes to the success of our students. We believe that the opportunity for our students to gain knowledge while engaging in the greater campus community is the key to the accomplishments they set out to achieve.

We realize that the responsibility to recruit and retain students extends far beyond the role of one individual and is instead the duty of all individuals that make up the greater Technical College of the Lowcountry family.

Technical College of the Lowcountry is focused on the success of students both inside and outside of the classroom. We are committed to a holistic approach of assisting our students in reaching their goals and ultimately contributing to a cultural of success based on education as defined by President Obama that will empower our graduates to pursue productive careers and meaningful community involvement.

Our campus wide student retention initiative is lead by the newly established Office of Retention.  The Office of Retention will work closely with several groups across campus to develop, implement and assess best practices, collected data and student experiences. This research will lead to the development of a student success matrix and road map retention plan that will lead to the increase of student retention annually.