TCL has an integrated, data-driven and institution-wide planning and assessment process that is outcome based. All TCL stakeholders play a role in the College’s planning and assessment process – students, faculty, staff, community members and the Area Commission. In 2014, under the leadership of the Strategic Planning Council, the College set a new course of direction. In 2014 the College used the year to complete the former cycle of planning action items. The new Strategic Goals were aligned with performance measures guiding all South Carolina technical colleges. The Area Commission provided input and endorsement during its Fall 2014 Commission Retreat. In Spring 2015, the TCL Strategic Planning Council began work on refining the objectives for the four Strategic Goals:

  • Increase Enrollment
  • Ensure Relevancy
  • Increase Student Success
  • Increase Retention.

Objectives for each goal are set at the institutional level. Actions items are determined by each College unit and are monitored for progress and desired outcomes. Each action item is tied to one or more Strategic Goal Objectives. The Strategic Goals and Objectives are reviewed annually in Spring of each year. New College Initiatives are identified and used in the budgeting cycle that begins in March of each year. Action items results for the previous year are reviewed in the Fall.

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