Talent Search (TS) is a federally funded program that identifies middle and high school students who might benefit from intervention strategies meant to increase the chances of the student pursuing a college education. At least two-thirds of the students in each local TS program must be from low-income economic backgrounds and from families where parents do not have a bachelor’s degree.

Since 1985, the Talent Search Program has helped hundreds of middle and high school students in the Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton and Jasper counties prepare and attend college to obtain a degree. TS also serves individuals who did not achieve a high school diploma by providing them the opportunity to take the GED practice test. Some of the services offered through this program are:

  • Academic Support and services
  • Assistance with College Applications
  • Scholarships and FAFSA completion
  • Career Preparation
  • College Visitation & Cultural Trips
  • GED Practice Testing
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal and Group Counseling

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