TCL is an approved institution for administering the educational benefit programs of the Veterans Administration (VA). The College is committed to serving veterans and their eligible dependents and provides assistance to those qualified for benefits.

Curriculum courses are approved for training under Title 38 of the U.S. Code, Chapter 30 (New GI Bill or Montgomery Bill), Chapter 31 (Disabled Veterans), Chapter 32 (VEAP), Chapter 34 (Old GI Bill), Chapter 35 (Widows and War Orphans), or Chapter 2206 (National Guard & Reserves).

GI Bill® Website

Benefits will not be paid for a class or degree that is unauthorized and not approved by the Veterans Administration. Students who may be eligible for Veterans benefits should contact the Financial Assistance/Veterans’ Benefits Coordinator office for application assistance.

  • Veterans may complete their initial application online below at the VA Education Benefits Website
  • Submit applications at least eight weeks prior to enrollment.

Veterans Affairs GI Bill Application

All students receiving Veteran Educational Benefits must report to the Veterans’ Benefit Coordinator each semester. Failure to report enrollment may result in a delay of benefit processing.

Admission requirements are the same as those for other students. The Veterans Administration will determine eligibility and award benefits.

Students must notify the Veterans’ Benefits Coordinator of all personal data, career goals, or class schedule changes.

Payment for Veterans Benefits

For payment purposes, 12 credit hours per semester is considered full time attendance; the Veterans Administration pays only for the minimum number of semester hours. Semester hour requirements vary during the summer term.

Advance Payment Policy for Veterans

Students eligible for Veterans Administration benefits may apply for an advanced payment 30 days but no more than 120 days prior to the first day of the term. Six to eight weeks is required for processing the application after being submitted to the Veterans Administration. The first payment includes pay for all days in the month the term began and the following month of the term.

Chapter 106 (Reserve) Benefits

Developmental courses offered at TCL do not qualify for payment by the VA for those using Chapter 106 benefits with contracts signed prior to October 1, 1990. Students enrolled under this chapter must carry a minimum six semester hours. The cost of tuition only will be paid by the Veterans Administration if credit hours are below six.

Previous Training (prior credits) Transcripts for Veterans

To verify previous training and prior credits, students must obtain official transcripts from all schools and colleges previously attended. Students will receive Veterans Administration benefits for one term only if all transcripts are not submitted to TCL’s Student Records Office during the first term at TCL.

Academic Progress

Satisfactory Grade Point Average

For Veterans Administration purposes, the acceptable minimum cumulative GPA is 2.0. If the term or cumulative GPA falls below the minimum, the student will be placed on academic probation for the following term.

Students must receive a grade of “C” or better in all courses within their curriculum, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to qualify for any degree, diploma, or certificate of completion award from TCL.

Students dropping classes after the fourth week of a term must provide a statement indicating any mitigating circumstances to the College’s Veterans’ Benefits Coordinator. This statement will be forwarded to the regional Veterans Administration office for consideration in determining overpayment. Students must notify the Veterans’ Benefits Coordinator of course load changes, course substitutions, and grade changes.

Notification of Standards and Unsatisfactory Progress

Students receiving Veterans Administration educational benefits will receive a copy of the standards of satisfactory academic progress from the Veterans’ Benefits Coordinator upon the initial certification. The student and the Veterans Administration will be notified at the conclusion of a term if satisfactory academic progress is not made. Benefits may be terminated upon failure to meet minimum standards for three consecutive terms.

Tuition Refund for Students Called to Active Military Service

Tuition refunds or credits will be issued to students who are called to active military service. Military students currently on active duty, who are deployed in emergency situations to serve under unplanned conditions, thereby causing an interruption of their studies, are eligible for tuition refund or credits. Active military students with orders in a given semester must contact Student Records at 843.525.8209.

Refunds/Returns — Federal Title IV and Veteran’s Administration

TCL adheres to Federal Program guidelines in its refund policy for Title IV, Federal Financial Aid Programs. Students receiving Title IV funds follow the same refunding schedule outlined above. However, if a student completely withdraws after the College’s official award date, a return of unearned assistance is calculated for the appropriate program in accordance with federal guidelines. Federal regulations require that students receiving financial assistance, who withdraw from all classes prior to attending 60% of the term’s classes, return a portion of institutional charges to the federal government. Based on government regulations, adjustments and refunds will be administered according to Title IV Refund Regulations. Refunds for students receiving Veterans Administration funds will be issued according to the above policy. Refunds for non-degree programs will be refunded in accordance with Veterans Administration Regulations

Technical College of the Lowcountry (TCL) is an approved institution for administering the educational benefit programs of the Veterans Administration (VA). The College is committed to serving veterans and their eligible dependents and provides assistance to those qualified for benefits.