Counseling | Technical College of the LowCountry



TCL provides short-term personal counseling services for: anxiety, depression, test anxiety, grief, crisis, relationships, sexual assault, alcohol and drug abuse, academic worries, family/living issues, or any other issue of concern.

TCL Counseling Services are free to all currently enrolled students.

Office Location: Beaufort campus, Coleman Hall | Building 2 Rm 204 (second floor)

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday, office hours vary.

Make an appointment: call 843-525-8288 or email

All information is strictly confidential between student and counselor. Counseling records are not part of your academic file and will only be released with students’ written consent. Counselor is required by law to break confidentiality to report child abuse, elder abuse, or intent to harm (if a student says they want to harm themselves or harm someone else). This is to keep everyone safe!

Campus Counselor: Angel W. Gray, LISW-CP | 843-525-8288


Additional Resources:

  •  Visit United Way of the Lowcountry for additional community resources.
  • Coastal Empire Community Mental Health at 843- 524-3378

If you have a crisis/emergency after hours:

  • Coastal Empire Community Mental Health 1-800-922-7844
  • Beaufort Memorial Hospital at 843-522-5200
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255
  • Emergency Services 911

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Ulifeline allows students: 

• To take a  quick mental health test from our self-evaluator, which identifies common mental health issues

*Learn more about mental health issues and the warning signs of emotional distress and suicide