We have set up a number of student resources in light of the COVID-19 situation. Please check them out at https://www.tcl.edu/covid-19-resources-for-students/.

You are not alone.

You Can Book Online! You can book and manage appointments using our booking page. Click here.

TCL Services: TCL provides short-term personal counseling for ANY persistent concern, such as:

  • Personal Issues: anxiety, depression, substance misuse/abuse, grief, family/living issues, crisis, panic attacks, illness/injury, sexual assault, etc.
  • School-Related Issues: test anxiety, academic worries, public speaking anxiety, graduation fears, difficulties with faculty, staff or other students.
  • Referral Assistance: to community resources for emergent and non-emergent services to assist with finances, housing, food shortages, long-term mental health treatment, etc.

TCL Counseling Services are free to all currently enrolled students.

Office Location: Beaufort campus, Coleman Hall | Building 2 Rm 204 (second floor)
Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Mondays and Fridays are variable).
Make an appointment: call 843-525-8288

Privacy: All information is strictly confidential between student and counselor. Provider makes, maintains and utilizes treatment records for treatment purposes. Records are housed separately from a student’s academic files. Student may sign waiver to release records.

Please note SC law requires health providers to report child or elder abuse and intent to harm (if a student says they want to harm themselves or harm someone else). This is to keep everyone safe! (SEE FULL ‘TCL STATEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY’ AT BOTTOM OF PAGE)

Additional resources for you:



Open 24 hours a day – Free & Confidential


Technical College of the Lowcountry Statement of Confidentiality:

Student information will remain confidential at all times. Student information WILL NOT be included with students’ academic record. Students can sign a Release of Information Form for the College Counselor to share confidential information with the listed individual on the form (i.e.: Professor, Primary Doctor, and/or Referring Counselor) for (1) year. College Counselor is a mandated reporter. College Counselor has to report if student wants to do harm to him/herself and/or to others. College Counselor has to report abuse to a child and/or an elderly person. College Counselor has to report domestic violence if a child is a witness to the event to the proper authorities. And lastly, College Counselor has to submit information to a Judge if student’s information is court-ordered.