TCL participates in area cybersecurity exercise

Published on November 16, 2023

TCL recently participated in a cybersecurity tabletop exercise along with other entities from around the region.

Organized by the South Coast Cyber Center, the “TTX” event was held Nov. 15 at USCB’s Cyber Lab in downtown Beaufort and drew approximately 50 participants from a wide range of sectors including local law enforcement, government, emergency services, the private sector and more.

Among those who attended and participated from TCL were faculty and staff from the college’s Computer Sciences, IT and Marketing & PR divisions along with students enrolled in the college’s cybersecurity program.

Led by members of the S.C. Law Enforcement Division’s Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Program, participants went through the various stages of a real-world threat breaking into group discussion after each stage of the event.

Angel Kern, Director of TCL’s Cybersecurity Program said it was a good exercise to participate in if for no other reason than to have a chance to huddle with colleagues and ask, “Do we have the policies, procedures and infrastructure in place to handle these cybersecurity threats?”

TCL launched its associate degree program in cybersecurity in 2022 effectively expanding its course offerings to those interested in this in-demand field.

In addition, TCL is in the process of creating a Securities Operation Center (SOC). The SOC will be led by TCL staff and manned by interns and students in the cybersecurity program who will work to evaluate incoming digital information and help protect TCL users from cyberattacks and threats.

The initiative is part of the college’s overall plan to apply for the National Security Agency’s Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity designation (CAE-CD).

For more information or to enroll in TCL’s cybersecurity program visit tcl/cybersecurity.