TCL Unveils New Mascot – It’s the Tides!

Published on July 30, 2023

The Technical College of the Lowcountry unveiled its new mascot in a campus- and community-wide video event premiere held Wednesday, Aug. 2.

“As President, I have the honor of announcing the selection – it’s the TCL Tides,” said TCL President Richard Gough.

While a mascot character in costume is being planned for 2024, Wednesday’s reveal was the first time TCL students, staff, faculty and board members got a glimpse of the new name and logo.

In addition to making the announcement, Dr. Gough said the mascot name is a great fit for the college.

“In the Lowcountry, the tides are a steady constant and an immovable force of nature that is to be respected, never underestimated, much like TCL’s students, alumni, faculty and staff,” he said.

Others in the video mirrored Dr. Gough’s thoughts.

“I love how unique the mascot is,” said Stacee Phillips, TCL Biology Instructor. “I love how it connects us with the geography of this campus that surrounds us every day.”

The mascot naming process began in February when the college solicited broad input for ideas from students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members using an open-ended survey tool.

“We asked for suggestions and the rationale behind those ideas, encouraging people to seek inspiration from local history, geography and TCL’s educational legacy,” said Assistant Vice President for Marketing Leigh Copeland.

The college received 188 responses. Submissions were then narrowed down to a set of four finalists based on vote count and criteria such as the mascot’s uniqueness, its connection to TCL and the community or its “fun factor.” Mascots already in-use by another area college or school were eliminated.

The finalists – Jumbo Shrimp, Loggerheads, Tides and Tomatoes – went out for a final vote in May with nearly 800 students, alumni, college employees and community members casting their vote.

“The competition was very close, but the Tides rose to the top, particularly among our students and alumni,” Copeland said. “Voters were passionate about their choices on all sides.”

Many voters were quick to point out the connection to the saying that a “rising tide lifts all boats,” Copeland said.

The analogy is especially true for TCL, Dr. Gough said.

“Education and training are the keys to lifting our students, our workforce, our community and our economy,” he said. “As the premier workforce development resource in the region, TCL is the tide that lifts all boats.”

TCL is planning additional celebrations for the fall semester when students start back to class and will begin working to bring the Tides to life in character and costume form for 2024.