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Attention: Aviation Avionics & Electronics Technicians

Attention: Aircraft Mechanics

Real Estate

Defensive Driving (for Point Reduction)


Your life story doesn't have to have been overly dramatic in order to write a memoir. And in this class, you'll recount and record those tales you've been telling your family, children and grand-kids for years. Whether you choose to write about a specific experience or cover a number of years' worth, you'll learn the skills necessary to organize and craft a written legacy for yourself, your family and/or publication. By the end of the six weeks, you'll have a great start on your memoir in hand.

January 13 through February 17, 2014 6-8p, Beaufort Campus


To register: call 843-525-8205 or click here to register online and enter course code XPCI 568 01

Travel Right...Travel Write: - How would you like to manifest trips to exotic destinations on someone else's nickel, or to travel on your own and earn back your expenses, just by writing a story about your experience? Freelance travel writers do both, and this class shows you how. In-class and take-home exercises help teach the nuts and bolts of writing a travel story that publications will snap right up.

Join Katherine Tandy Brown, successful freelance writer for over 20 years, for this exciting course.

April 7 through 28, 2014,  Mondays, 6-8p, Beaufort Campus, $89

Click Here, to Register Online (just enter XPFD 529 01 under course code) or call 843-525-8205.

Photography, Photoshop and More


Take Creative Control!

Take creative control by being familiar with the controls and options your camera offers, how to handle you camera, and understanding the basics for exposure and composition.

March 5, 19, April 9, Wed 7p-9p
Beaufort campus

Cost $85

To register contact Jayne at 843-525-8205 or click here to register online (course code XPCI 653)

Take control!

This course is designed for the individual who has a dSLR camera and wants to take complete control of their photographs. It will take you our of auto mode and get you started on mastering manual mode.

The course will broken into 3 classes that will include lecture and hands-on learning.

Course Objectives:

  • Learning the different exposure modes
  • Overview of exposure
  • Develop an understanding and mastery of: Aperture, Shuttle Speed and ISO
  • Using the in-camera light meter
  • Choosing the right metering mode


February 7, 5:30-7p
February 8, 4:30-6p
February 15, 1-2:30p

Cost: $65

To Register:

Click here to go online and enter course code XPCI 604 01, or call Jayne at 843-525-8205

Developed for the parent....by a parent...

This course was developed for the parent who wants to have life-long memories of their children captured, but can’t afford to have a professional follow them around 24/7. Any camera will work for this course. If you have multiple cameras, bring the best one and the one you use most often.  This is a very basic photography class, but it also will shed some light into what motivates you and how you want your children remembered.  This course will include lecture, discussion, and hands-on learning.  It will be two, 1.5 hour classes.

Course Objectives

  • Getting to know your camera
  • Identifying what you want remembered
  • Basic composition
  • Basic light
  • How to get your child to cooperate
  • When to hire a professional

*Bonus Material*

  • iPhonography
  • Discussion on social media and pictures of your children

Cost: $45

To register: Click here and enter course code XPCI622 01, or call Jayne 843-525-8205


This course is designed for the beginner photographer who is already familiar with using a DSLR.

Course Objectives:

  • Concepts in Exposure
  • Concepts in Composition
  • A tease in shooting manual mode

February 26, March 12 and 26, Wed, 7-9p, Beaufort Campus
Cost $85

Click here to register online (XPCI 654 01) or call Jayne 843-525-8205

Business and Professional

Hampton Campus

Softskills training for individuals needing assistance in obtaining basic-skills to better market themselves, to get a job.

Starting December, courses will be offered monthly.

December 10 and 12 (Tues, and Thurs) 6-9p OR

December 12 (Thurs) 9a-4p (1 hour lunch break)

Cost: $40

Call Jayne at 843-525-8205 or Joan at 803-943-4262 to register
If you are a WIA client in Hampton, contact your counselor.

Personal Development

Wine Appreciation for Average People

Students will learn how wine is made, discover the primary wine producing regions of the world, understand basic wine terminology, learn to decipher a wine label and optionally, taste a variety of Native American and European style wines.

Each classroom portion of the class will be followed by an optional field trip for wine tasting.

Course Outline
Classroom: Day 1

  • Learn about the anatomy of grapes and how grape juice becomes white, red or sparkling wine.
  • View a video that shows the wine production process from harvest to fermentation to bottling.

Field Trip

  • Visit a local winery for a tour and tasting of native American and European style wines.

Classroom: Day 2

  • Discuss the appearance, aroma, taste and texture of wine.
  • Learn how to read wine labels and understand wine terminology .

Field Trip:

  • Visit a local vendor and sample a selection of white and red European style wines.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-5p

January 14 and 16
February 4 and 6
February 25 and 27
March 11 and 13
March 25 and 27
April 29 and May 1

New River Campus


NOTE: Class participants must be 21 years of age to taste wine at the optional field trips. Cost of wine tastings is at the additional expense of each participant (pay on site).

FYI: We will visit September Oaks Winery in Ridgeland. Tasting fee is $6.00.
We will taste wine at RED Wine Boutique located in the Best Buy Plaza in Bluffton. A one-ounce pour is under $2.00, and a four-ounce pour may run $4 or $5. Tapas food can be purchased at RED in case folks would like to eat while they taste.

To Register
Click Here, to Register Online (just enter XPCI 649 under course code) or call 843-525-8205

Learn to Dance Salsa!

Salsa builds confidence. Salsa is diverse;
Salsa is good for your health and Salsa is FUN!

No dance experience required! Students will meet on Saturdays to learn fun and new salsa moves.

The first couple of weeks, students will learn basic turn patterns without a partner. As the weeks progress, students will learn to move with a partner. Men will learn to lead on the dance floor, while women will learn to follow and learn sexy new moves on the dance floor.

Learn on your own, with a partner or just grab a friend and have FUN!!

Each class will build on the one before.

Students should bring dance shoes (students can purchase from www.lightinthebox.com for $20), a towel, water and anything else you need to freshen up!


Saturdays, 10a - Noon
Beaufort Campus

Level I- February 1, 8, 15 and 22



To Register

Click Here, to Register Online (just enter XPCI 690  under course code) or call 843-525-8205

Come get fit & have fun! A class & time for everyone!

Starting January 6, 2014

Mondays          6-7p
Tuesdays          9:30-10:30a (GOLD)
Wednesdays    5:30-6:30p
Thursdays         9:30-10:30a (GOLD)
6-7p (TONING)

Beaufort campus, Monthly (Starting January 2014)

First class is FREE!
$60 per month BEST DEAL or
Punch cards: 5 classes for $45 or 10 classes for $80
Or $10 each class ($6 each class for TCL staff and students)

TO REGISTER: Just show up in building 22 a few minutes before class start time

ZUMBA- Dance to fun & exotic rhythms set to Latin & international beats

ZUMBA GOLD- Less intense classes for beginners and older adults

ZUMBA TONING- More advanced class using weights

Learn to Protect Yourself

The objective of this course is to give students a better understanding of how to manage violent encounters, in order to protect themselves, should the need arise. By addressing common
threats and creating a framework for understanding dangerous situations, students will have a greater awareness of how to craft instant responses to violence. Through intelligent training,
students will gain realistic and applicable skills to keep them safe. They will also leave with a better understanding of how to continue honing their skills, whether they continue formal training or not.

Course Topics:

*   Understanding the Doctrine, Strategy, and Tactics of the course.
*   Understanding Position as a Shield and a Weapon
*   Managing distance on the feet, managing distance on the ground.
*   Escaping dangerous positions.
*   What to do when you can't escape.
*   Positions of Control
*   How to end the encounter
*   Legal Considerations

Meet your instructor:
Cesar Clavijo began his martial arts training in 2002 , while serving in the United States Marine Corps. He began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2005, and in that time, he has trained with several of the art's leading practitioners. He now owns and operates The Stillness Gym in Beaufort, a health-first fitness academy, and affiliate dojo of the world-renowned Roy Dean Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Bend, Oregon.


The Stillness Gym
1105 Middleton Street, Beaufort, SC

March 18 through April 10,
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-8p

Cost     $99

To Register      843-525-8205 or go click here to register online and enter code XPCI 514 50

New to Medicare?
Turning 65 or about to retire? 

If you are new to Medicare, turning 65, or about to retire and possibly lose your employer coverage, you may need to make some important choices about Medicare.

Not sure if your current Medicare plan is right for you. Come learn more about Medicare and your choices.


Beaufort              March 12                   10a-Noon

Bluffton               April 9                        10a-Noon

Hampton             May 14                       10:30a-12:30p

Beaufort              June 11                     10a-Noon

Bluffton               July 9                         10a-Noon

Hampton             August 27                10:30a-12:30p

Beaufort              September 10          10a-Noon

Bluffton               October 8                  10a-Noon



To Register


Computer, Technology and Office Skills

Geographic Information System

ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GIS

Learn what GIS is and what you can do with it. Working in the ArcGIS platform, students will create GIS maps, explore and analyze the data behind the maps, and learn easy methods to share you maps and analysis results. By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of how GIS maps and ArcGIS tools are used to visualize real-world features, discover patterns, obtain information, and communicate that information to others.

  • What is GIS?
  • What makes data geographic?
  • Mapping real-world features location using coordinate systems
  • Finding GIS maps and data
  • Exploring a GIS map
  • GIS analysis
  • Sharing GIS maps and results


ArcGIS 2: Introduction to GIS

Learn fundamental skills needed to author, share and use geographic information and maps across the ArcGIS platform. Students will learn how to efficiently find, explore, manage, and analyze geographic data and create informative maps that showcase your work. Learn a variety of techniques to effectively share GIS maps and resources with decision makers, stakeholders, and the public.

  • Authoring, sharing, and using GIS maps
  • Organizing geographic data
  • Managing map layers
  • Displaying data
  • Working with tabular data
  • Creating and editing data
  • Labeling features
  • Designing map layouts
  • Preparing data for analysis
  • Solving spatial problems
  • Sharing geographical information


Beaufort, Building 14, room 104

Part 1: March 15 & 22
Part 2: April 5 & 19
Saturdays, 8:30a-5:30p

Cost     $515 (each part)
Students must purchase books at TCL Bookstore

To Register  843-525-8205

Make Money, Save Money

New to Medicare?
Turning 65 or about to retire? 

If you are new to Medicare, turning 65, or about to retire and possibly lose your employer coverage, you may need to make some important choices about Medicare.

Not sure if your current Medicare plan is right for you. Come learn more about Medicare and your choices.


Beaufort              March 12                   10a-Noon

Bluffton               April 9                        10a-Noon

Hampton             May 14                       10:30a-12:30p

Beaufort              June 11                     10a-Noon

Bluffton               July 9                         10a-Noon

Hampton             August 27                10:30a-12:30p

Beaufort              September 10          10a-Noon

Bluffton               October 8                  10a-Noon



To Register


Sustainable & Low Maintenance

 If you love Gardening, then this class is for you!

Learn what you can do today to increase your enjoyment and minimize your efforts.  We will cover low maintenance and sustainable methods of creating your landscape working in partnership with your site, budget and time commitments.

Learn ways to use landscaping to increase property value while minimizing impact on our special Lowcountry ecosystem. Decisions we discuss today can have lasting, beneficial impact so join this class to discover tricks to a beautiful, sustainable and low maintenance landscape!

Enjoy all three parts to maximize your education, or come to what works for your schedule.

Meet the instructors:

Leah Palumbo and Louise Hodges have created award winning landscapes throughout the Southeast. With more than 40 years of combined experience in residential landscaping, they share a passion for sustainable, simplified landscapes that offer the greatest impact with the least amount of effort.


Part 1: April 10, 6:30-8p, Beaufort
April 11, 10-11:30a, New River

Part 2: April 17, 6:30-8p, Beaufort
April 18, 10-11:30a, New River

Part 3: April 24, 6:30-8p, Beaufort
April 25, 10-11:30a, New River

Cost  $29 each or all three for $75!

To Register  843-525-8205

Learn to Sew with Sharon!

After this 8 hour class, student will master the basics of the machine, sewing techniques and complete a project of choice. This is a beginning level class, but all skill-levels are welcome to attend.


  • Work a Sewing Machine
  • Sew a line
  • Pick the right thread
  • Read a pattern
  • Pin and cut out a pattern
  • Make something of the students choice

Materials Required:

  • Sewing Machine*
  • Thread
  • Stick pins
  • Pinky Sheer Scissors
  • A 1-hour pattern of student's choice

Instructor will provide:

  • Needles
  • Scrap material (but students are welcome to bring in their own scrap picks)

*Sharon recommends purchasing a Singer machine; however, the Brother works well also.

About the Instructor:

Sharon P. Holmes is a native of St. Helena Island, SC. Sharon grew up fascinated while she watched her mother and Great Aunt sew. She was amazed with what a tiny needle, thread and imagination could create significant wonders. She knew in that instant she was meant to sew.

Sharon’s passion lead her to become a sole owner and operator of her own sewing business. She has participated in several events with her talent including weddings, church events and events with the performing arts center in Beaufort.

Sharon believes that any and everyone can and should learn to sew!!!

Thursdays, 6-8p, $89, Beaufort Campus

February 6-27
March 6-27
April 3-24

Click Here, to Register Online (just enter XOCD 537 under course code) or call 843-525-8205.

Continuing Education Certificate Programs

This 36-hour certification program will allow you to work with animals in an exciting new career as a vet assistant!

Veterinary assistants play vital roles in the veterinary field, performing a variety of clinical and technical tasks in vet clinics, shelters and even zoos. New technologies are revolutionizing the field of veterinary medicine to improve pet health care- you can be part of this emerging area as a trained veterinary assistant.

Upon completion of the Veterinary Assistant Certificate Program, you will have the knowledge necessary to qualify for an entry-level position as a veterinary assistant. 


New River Campus
February 3 through April 21, 2014, Mondays, 3-6p

$629 (does not include your book- Students must purchase book: ISBN 1435453875 Veterinary Assisting Fundamentals and Applications)

Click Here, to Register Online (just enter XOCD 988 under course code) or call 843-525-8205.


If you see a class you want to take, make sure and sign up right away! Courses are cancelled if we do not have enough students to run the course.

Don’t see the course you want? Click “Suggest a Class” in the right margin and tell us what you would like to see us offer!

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Amanda Hayman
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