2022/2023 – 2026/2027

Goal 1: Cultivate an environment of accountability, communication, and growth.

Objective 1.1: Enhance accountability through institutional effectiveness efforts.

  • Measure 1.1.1: Establish a Director of Institutional Effectiveness position.
  • Measure 1.1.2: Purchase, implement, and provide training for an institutional effectiveness software.
  • Measure 1.1.3: Update IE Timeline.
  • Measure 1.1.4: Revise and update IE webpage.

Objective 1.2: Enhance communication with students, employees, and the public.

  • Measure 1.2.1: Review and update all College policies and procedures.
  • Measure 1.2.2: Establish a TCL mascot.
  • Measure 1.2.3: Increase social media presence.
  • Measure 1.2.4:  Enhance utilization of Navigate System within Academic Affairs.
  • Measure 1.2.5: Establish a DEI center.

Objective 1.3: Grow College enrollment.

  • Measure 1.3.1: Increase headcount by 2% per year.
  • Measure 1.3.2: Increase credit hour production or FTE by 2% per year.
  • Measure 1.3.3: Increase online course enrollment by 5% per year.
  • Measure 1.3.4: Increase dual enrollment headcount by 3% per year.
  • Measure 1.3.5: Investigate offering courses to incarcerated students.

Objective 1.4: Employ and Retain qualified and results-oriented employees.

  • Measure 1.4.1: Attract diverse candidates to open positions and promotional opportunities by seeking/expanding new places to advertise positions at TCL.
  • Measure 1.4.2: Develop and provide employee professional development opportunities.
  • Measure 1.4.3: Promote and Increase utilization of Percipo, the new software foundation for Skillsoft Learning Management System.
  • Measure 1.4.4: Provide monthly health/wellness programs for employees, including physical, mental and emotional wellness support for all TCL employees.
  • Measure 1.4.5: Develop an employee recognition program for employees.

Goal 2: Advance academic quality. 

Objective 2.1: Enhance employee Professional Development.

  • Measure 2.1.1: Establish Clist Center for Excellence. 
  • Measure 2.1.2: Implement Go2Knowledge. 
  • Measure 2.1.3: Establish Spring virtual workshop series.

Objective 2.2: Enhance online offerings. 

  • Measure 2.2.1: Convert all courses to Blackboard Ultra.
  • Measure 2.2.2: Purchase, provide training and implement a video capture software for online instruction.
  • Measure 2.2.3: Develop standard guidelines for online courses.
  • Measure 2.2.4: Develop a process of peer review for online courses.
  • Measure 2.2.5: Establish a recording studio.
  • Measure 2.2.6: Enhance use of videos in online courses.

Goal 3: Refine and improve operational effectiveness and promote resource stewardship. 

Objective 3.1: Enhance security campus wide in multiple areas to include personnel, systems, and identification.

  • Measure 3.1.1: Install panic button system.
  • Measure 3.1.2: Provide access ID badges for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Measure 3.1.3: Investigate increasing maglock access accountability/control on doors.
  • Measure 3.1.4: Investigate updating security camera system.
  • Measure 3.1.5: Investigate increasing fire/security alarm systems for buildings at all campuses.

Objective 3.2: Improve facilities.

  • Measure 3.2.1: Investigate the possibility of a Workforce Center at New River.
  • Measure 3.2.2: Develop a revised master facilities plan.
  • Measure 3.2.3: Renovate Building 6 for Human Resources and Physical Therapy.
  • Measure 3.2.4: Renovate Building 2 for Continuing Education.
  • Measure 3.2.5: Renovate Building 8 for the College HUB.
  • Measure 3.2.6: Renovate undeveloped area of the Culinary Institute of the South.
  • Measure 3.2.7: Install new phone system.
  • Measure 3.2.8: Create a Library/Information Literacy Classroom in Building 12.

Objective 3.3: Objective 3.1:  Maintain and improve institutional fiscal strength.

  • Measure 3.3.1: Assess current business office organizational structure.
  • Measure 3.3.2: Review and realign position descriptions.
  • Measure 3.3.3: Assess employee professional development needs;
  • Measure 3.3.4: Evaluate and determine a plan for technology needs and enhancements.

Goal 4: Enhance and sustain student success from application to completion. 

Objective 4:1: Enhance onboarding and first year experience.

  • Measure 4.1.1: Develop and implement a First Year Experience course.
  • Measure 4.1.2: Create and implement degree pathways. 
  • Measure 4.1.3: Increase student participation in New Student Orientation by 20%.
  • Measure 4.1.4: Investigate bookstore, textbook, and Open Educational Resource options.

Objective 4.2: Refine retention and completion efforts throughout student success points.

  • Measure 4.2.1: Increase application to admission rate by 10% per year.
  • Measure 4.2.2: Increase retention rates by 2% per year. 
  • Measure 4.2.3: Increase graduation rate by 2% per year. 
  • Measure 4.2.4: Establish an Early Alert Program.
  • Measure 4.2.5: Increase percentage of students who see a Navigator or Faculty advisor.
  • Measure 4.2.6: Revamp student placement requirements.
  • Measure 4.2.7: Implement a Student Support Services (TRIO) Blackboard Class for all SSS members.
  • Measure 4.2.8: Implement a College wellness center.

Unit Strategic Plans


Strategic Planning Council

Dr. Leslie Worthington, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Chair.

Rodney Adams, Associate Vice President for Student Services

Larry Beckler, Director of Facility Management

Sasha Bishop, Dean of Learning Support

Jessica Bridges, Assistant Vice President for Advancement and Associate Director, TCL Foundation

Allison Canning, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management

Mary Lee Carns, Strategic Planning Facilitator

Dr. Frederick Cooper, Dean, Arts & Sciences

Leigh Copeland, Assistant Vice President for Advancement, Marketing and Public Relations

Ann Cullen, Executive Administrative Assistant to the President

Barbara Denson, Registrar

Laura Dukes, Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs

Dr. Richard Gough, President

Christa Guicherit, Psychology Instructor

Erika Johnson, Director, Radiologic Technology Program

Russell Keevy, Faculty Senate President

Jill Kirkland, Financial Aid Director

Chef Francine Marz, Dean, Culinary Institute of the South

Brian McDaniel, Paralegal Instructor

Camille Myers, Director of Research and Planning

Karen Smith, Dean, Business & Industrial Technology

Dr. Joey Swearingen, Dean, Health Sciences

Nancy Weber, Vice President, Student Services

Heather Weiss, English Instructor

Hayes Wiser, Chief Information Officer

Ashley Yoakum, Controller

External Member TBD

Student Representatives TBD