A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is the front line of contact between medical staff and patients, assisting patients in daily activities. Nursing assistants bathe their patients and help them dress, eat, and use the bathroom. They measure vital signs and transfer patients between beds and wheelchairs. Certified Nursing Assistants can work in-home care, assisted living and long-term care facilities, rehab centers, and acute care hospitals.

110 Hours: Students receive training in basic nursing care through classroom lecture, simulated lab care, and hands-on clinical experience in a long-term care facility.


  • Student must pass the Multi-State Criminal Background check.
  • Student must have a valid State ID.
  • Student must have a Quantiferon TB Blood Test.
  • Student must show proof of a current flu vaccination.
  • Student must show proof of Covid vaccination/s.


This program qualifies for South Carolina Workforce Industry Needs Scholarship (SCWINS) and is free to eligible South Carolina citizens. To be considered for scholarship, click here to complete the Scholarship Application


The student is responsible for required background check fee, blood test fee and vaccination fees.


Students are expected to arrive on time and participate in course discussions and activities. Successful completion of the course of study recommends 100% attendance. If during the course period the student’s attendance level drops below 80%, they will be encouraged and given the opportunity to attend the next scheduled class for the course they enrolled in. Should materials change, student is responsible for all additional cost.


All students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and professional manner. Any student not conducting themselves in an orderly and professional manner may be dismissed from classes and will not be able to complete the course. Disorderly and unprofessional behaviors include but are not limited to use of drugs and alcohol during school hours, dishonesty, disrupting classes, use of profanity, excessive tardiness, insubordination, violation of safety rules, improper usage of course materials, equipment or facilities, or not abiding by the school rules.