It wouldn’t be financial aid without forms, right? But think of it this way, spending the time to complete the necessary forms properly does more than you might think. It helps expedite the process and ensures you get as much financial aid as you qualify for. Most important, it’s one of the first steps toward receiving a college degree or certificate and that goes a long way toward getting you a good job in the future.

Please fill out all required forms in Adobe Acrobat. 

All students can get Adobe for their computer for free at this link:

You can also download the app as well for mobile devices through the Apple Store or Google Play.


2021–2022 Forms To Complete Each Year to be Considered:

2021–2022 Verification Forms:

Tools, Tips, and References:

Appeals and Professional Judgement:

The Office of Financial Aid at TCL can use their professional judgement to make adjustments on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) because of unusual circumstances. Please review the forms below for specific details and items that must be submitted in order to be considered for review. As always, please come into the office and speak with a member of our staff for assistance.