Real College. Real Impact.

Richard Gough

Dear Friends,

What would you say if I told you that I could predict the future? Our recent economic impact study allows me to do just that. My prediction? The Lowcountry, bolstered by TCL students and alumni, will thrive for years to come.

Technical College of the Lowcountry strives to elevate each student and every community we serve by providing a real-world college education at a real savings. You see this vision come to life through our success stories, but it is also evident through TCL’s total annual economic impact of $129.3 million.

While TCL creates impact through its operations, construction and student spending, the greatest impact stems from the added human capital found in TCL alumni.

Equipped with knowledge, creativity, imagination, and high-tech skills, TCL’s talented alumni are ready to work, which leads to higher productivity and profits for employers. TCL alumni also command about $8,500 more each year with an associate degree compared to those with a high school diploma in South Carolina. As these alumni earn more, communities and citizens throughout the Lowcountry and South Carolina also benefit from an enlarged economy and a reduced demand for social services.

No matter what the future holds, one thing is clear: TCL is creating a strong Lowcountry economy that will last for generations to come.

See the full State of the College report here.


Richard Gough, Ed.D.

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2020 State of the College invitation
Real Numbers: (reflects fiscal year 2017-2018). One out of 65 jobs in Lower South Carolina is supported by the activities of TCL and its students. Alumni impact:
Impact of the increased earnings of TCL alumni and the businesses they work for: $104.7 million
Added income; an economic boost similar 
to hosting the World Series
17 times; or, 1,796 Jobs supported. Operations spending impact: Impact of annual payroll and other spending: $18.4 million
Added income; enough to buy 
549 new cars, or 371
Jobs supported. Student spending impact: Impact of the daily spending of TCL students attracted to or retained in the region: $5.8 million
Added income; enough to buy 466 families a year’s worth of groceries, or 105 Jobs supported. Construction spending impact: $383.5 thousand added income. TCL Total Annual Impact: $129.3 million added income; or, 2,279
Jobs supported. Sources: Emsi Economic Impact Study
Real R.O.I. Investment analysis (reflects fiscal year 2017-2018): The average associate degree graduate from TCL will see an increase in earnings of $8,500 each year compared to someone with a high school diploma working in South Carolina. No high school diploma earns $19,100 or less. High school diploma earns $24,100. Certificate earns $28,300. Associate degree earns $32,600. Bachelor's degree earns $42,400. For every dollar, Students gain $6 in lifetime earnings, Taxpayers gain
$3.30 in added tax revenue and public sector savings, and Society gains $10.10 in added state revenue and social savings.