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Student Scholarships & Support


TCL Scholarship

*No Scholarship Application Required*

All students admitted to TCL and meeting scholarship requirements including completion of a FAFSA for the academic year, verifiable unmet costs associated with tuition fees and books, enrollment in at least six credit hours and a minimum TCL GPA of 2.5, are considered for the TCL scholarship for which they might qualify.  No additional application or materials are required.

The Technical College of the Lowcountry Foundation has awarded more than two million dollars in scholarship funds since its founding in 1983. Lowcountry donors have made significant contributions to the Foundation scholarship funds allowing talented individuals to obtain the education and training needed for new and better jobs.

The Beverly Witzel Scholarship Program at TCL

*Application Required*

The Beverly Witzel Scholarship Program includes scholarships with specific eligibility and application requirements as follows (recipient may receive only one scholarship award):


  • “A scholarship for a female student who is currently enrolled at the Technical College of the Lowcountry and has completed at least one semester, with recommendation in writing by at least two faculty members.  GPA requirement: 3.0 CUM GPA”


Consideration for scholarship shall be given to all students enrolled or planning to enroll in TCL who meet the following criteria:

  1. Financial need as demonstrated by submission of the FAFSA form for the academic year in which the student applies for scholarship.
  2. First generation student to attend college. (neither parent has earned a diploma degree or certificate from an institution of higher education)
  3. Registered for a minimum of 12-credit hours per semester in a declared Associate Degree or Certificate program.
  4. Reside in the four-county region of South Carolina; Beaufort, Jasper, Colleton or Hampton County.
  5. Submission of The Beverly Witzel Scholarship Program Scholarship Application.


Scholarships shall be awarded for one academic year and may be renewed for a subsequent academic year (for up to two consecutive academic years, or four consecutive academic terms, fall and spring semesters only) provided the recipient continues to meet the conditions of eligibility and funds are available.

AMOUNT OF THE AWARD: The scholarship award amount shall be $1,000 per semester to attend full-time (12-credit hours) for up two academic years excluding summer semesters.


SUBMIT TO: Attention: Jessica Bridges, EMAIL TO: Jessica Bridges at *All applicants will receive an email acknowledgement upon receipt of their application.


Witzel Scholarship Application

*A copy of the student’s Unofficial Transcript or GED and letters of recommendation must be included with the application for consideration.

Regina and Harry Silletti Scholarship at TCL

*Application Required* 

Photo of Regina and Harry SillettiMs. Regina Silletti is an advocate of community college students. Ms. Silletti was an associate professor of social and behavioral science at Owens Community College in Toledo, Ohio. Upon retirement, she and her husband Harry moved to Hilton Head, South Carolina.  Ms. Silletti knows firsthand the challenges faced by community college students many of whom can only attend part time. These students are working in and out of the classroom – working jobs to support their career aspirations. The Regina and Harry Silletti Scholarship provides the financial support needed to enable a student to attend college full-time and achieve her/his academic goal.



    1. Student must have financial need verified by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the current semester in which they apply for scholarship consideration.
    2. Student must have a GPA of 3.5 or better to apply. Once the Scholarship is awarded, to remain eligible for the Scholarship, the scholarship recipient must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.
    3. Student must have completed at least one semester at TCL and be enrolled in a declared major. * Students enrolled in one or more developmental courses are ineligible for the Scholarship.
    4. To accept the Scholarship, the student must agree to be registered for at least 12 credit hours or more per fall and spring semesters for the term of the Scholarship.
    5. Student must articulate an education and career goal in an essay (see application below).
    6. A letter of recommendation from at least one faculty member in the student’s program of study must accompany the student’s application.

SELECTION PROCESS: The Office of Financial Aid shall identify students meeting eligibility criteria. The Office of Financial Aid is responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations concerning federal, state, and other aid.

Candidates must acknowledge in writing the conditions of the Scholarship including the requirement to attend full-time if selected for award by completing the scholarship’s Student Application for Consideration and submitting an unofficial transcript.  

AMOUNT OF THE AWARD: The scholarship award amount will be the cost of tuition and fees to attend full-time (12-credit hours) for two academic years excluding summer semesters.

TERM OF AWARD: The term of the scholarship will be for the recipient’s period of study, as long as the recipient continues to meet eligibility criteria, or for no more than two academic years excluding summer semesters.


SUBMIT TO: Attention: Jessica Bridges, EMAIL TO: Jessica Bridges at *All applicants will receive an email acknowledgement upon receipt of their application.

Silletti Scholarship Announcement:REGINA AND HARRY SILLETTI SCHOLARSHIP Announcement_2020

Silletti Scholarship Application: REGINA AND HARRY SILLETTI SCHOLARSHIP App

 *A copy of the student’s Unofficial Transcript must be included with the application for consideration.

TCL Guarantors Program

TCL Guarantors Program helps deserving students who are faced with financial challenges to stay in school. It supports the traditional college student as well as the older student who is coming to TCL to learn a new skill and develop a new career. Guarantor funds may support tuition, books and fees as well as other expenses and financial hardships that impact a student’s capacity to stay in school and succeed in his or her program of study.

How to Apply for Guarantor Support

You must be able to prove financial hardship, have completed a minimum of 6 credit hours at TCL and be currently enrolled at TCL for a minimum of 6 credit hours. To be considered for support, you must be able to demonstrate academic progress within your program of study. *Students on Academic Probation are not eligible for consideration.

Pre-Application Requirements:

  • Schedule a pre-application meeting with the TCL Foundation.  Contact Jessica Bridges, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement at 843.525.8294 or by email at to set an appointment. Students may not proceed with application until a pre-application meeting has been held.

Application package requirements:

  •   A letter to the Guarantors Program asking for consideration. The letter should include the dollar amount of the request and a description of the circumstance. For example, “I’m requesting Guarantor support to buy text books.” Or, “I’m requesting Guarantor support to cover the cost of temporary transportation.” In the letter, explain the financial circumstance and its impact on your capacity to stay in school.  Additionally, include a “Personal Plan of Action” statement in your letter that explains how a Guarantor award will support your ability to remain in school and how the funds will contribute to helping you successfully resolve your financial hardship. Contact information and your student ID number should also be included in your letter.
    • Letter of Request
  • Include verification of special financial hardship;
  • A printed copy of your WebAdvisor  ‘Student Financial Aid By Year’ screen and;
  • A printed copy of your WebAdvisor ‘Student Account Summary’ screen are required.
    • *Other Financial Documentation

*Other examples of applicable verification of hardship may be a utility bill or rent agreement. If book funds are requested, the verification must include a bookstore print out (bookstore or web version) of the required course materials showing the exact cost of the books and/or other course materials.

• Advocacy on your behalf by two or more faculty members. This advocacy can be in the form of an email, a letter, or in-person to the majority of the Guarantor’s Committee. Faculty advocates must demonstrate knowledge of your request. For example, if you are seeking support to buy text books, your faculty advocates must state this in their letter or email: “I support John’s request for text book support…”. *Advocacy letters may not be requested from College Administration, staff or counselors.

  • Advocacy Letter-1
  • Advocacy Letter-2

• An unofficial copy of your student transcript. This is available through WebAdvisor.

  • Unofficial Transcript


  • The application package may be submitted in-person to the TCL Foundation Office Monday-Thursday, 8:00 AM-5:30 PM, and Friday 8:00-11:30 AM. Application packages may also be placed in the TCL Foundation drop box at any time. The TCL Foundation Office and drop box is located in MacLean Hall (Building 12), Room #210.
  • Foundation staff will forward the application package to the Guarantor Committee. The Committee, made up of TCL faculty, will make Guarantor award decisions.
  •  The Guarantor Committee will review requests and make awards within 48 hours of submission of a complete application package.
  • TCL Foundation staff will notify applicants of the Committee’s decision.


Program funds are made possible through the generosity of benefactors to the TCL Guarantors Program.

  • Upon award, recipients are required to submit a thank-you letter to the Guarantors prior to the release of award funds.  The Foundation will forward the note of appreciation to the donors on your behalf.  Completed thank-you notes may be emailed to Jessica Bridges, Associate Director TCL Foundation, at, dropped off to the Foundation office M-Th, 8 AM-5 PM, Fri. 8-11:30 AM or drop-box in Building 12, Suite 210, or mailed to the TCL Foundation, PO Box 2614, Beaufort, SC  29901.

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