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Degrees That Pay

From healthcare courses to honing your trade skills,  TCL has the programs of study that can take you from graduation day to pay day. Our more than 70 programs, degrees and certificates are all pathways to professions that are in demand today and in the future.


Take a look at these average salaries in South Carolina:


Associate Degree Nursing: $59,680

Physical Therapist Assistant: $49,260

Surgical Technician: $35,080

Massage Therapist: $42,780

Radiologic Technologist: $50,470

Administrative Office Assistant: $26,650

Computer Support Specialist:  $41,640

Paralegal: $41,510

Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers: $37,660

HVAC Technician: $36,510

Cosmetologist: $31,340

Computer Network Administrator: $62,540

Electrician: $38,350

Surveyor: $46,950


*Annual mean wages as of May 2009 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics