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Welcome! Let’s get started.

The TCL Admissions Team is standing by to assist you in the application and enrollment process.  The process, though, is built around you and your student type. Therefore, please see the list below for more specific instructions. A good place to to start is by completing the online Admissions Application. Apply FREE online anytime.

Your Student Type

New Student

You are a new student if you are attending TCL for the first time, have not attended any other college, and want to enroll in a curriculum program to pursue an Associate Degree, Diploma, or Certificate. If this is you, submit your admissions application and then visit our steps to enrollment page for all the details.

Returning Applicant

Have you attended TCL in the past but been out for three semesters or longer? That makes you a returning applicant! Please start with the admissions application and then contact admissions regarding placement testing.


You are a transfer student if you will be attending TCL for the first time but have attended another college before. Start with the admissions application, continue through the steps to enrollment and make sure you submit your official transcripts for all colleges from which you want to transfer credits.

Military, Veterans and Dependents

All military, dependents, and veterans can start by completing the TCL admissions application. But since there are various paths and resources available to you, please visit our Military & Veterans page for more information about the enrollment process and financial aid information.


You are a transient student if you are currently attending another college or university but want to take classes here and transfer them back to your institution. You must be in good standing with your institution and eligible to return.  You’ll need to ensure that the class(es) you take at TCL are approved for your program and institution. Start by submitting a TCL admissions application and the transient form or a letter of approval for transfer of credit from your home/primary institution.  You do not need to take a placement test. Learn more here.

High School Student

If you attend high school in Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton, and Jasper counties or you are a home schooled student, you may be eligible to enroll in TCL’s dual enrollment program, Early College Credit Opportunities (ECCO).  Learn more about the program and process here.


You are an undecided student if you have not chosen an academic program at TCL or are not sure if you want to earn an Associate Degree, Diploma, or Certificate. TCL’s Career Counselor can help you choose a program of study or advise you towards a career goal. Contact the career services office at 843-525-8224. Note: Students who are undecided are not eligible for financial aid or lottery tuition assistance.


International students are encouraged to contact the Admissions Intake Services Coordinator at 843-525-8208 or 525-8207.


You are a non-degree seeking student if you want to enroll in credit courses but don’t seek to earn an Associate Degree, Diploma, or Certificate.  You must be at least 18 years old or have a GED or high school diploma and must complete a placement test.  Please note:  Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid, veterans’ benefits or SC lottery tuition assistance. Contact the Admissions Office at 843-525-8207 for more information.


If you want to audit a curriculum class without earning credit, submit an admissions application.  You will have to pay full tuition for the class(es) and must get departmental approval to audit classes that have prerequisites of testing requirements.  Some courses cannot be audited.  Please keep in mind that you do not receive credit for the class, and you are not eligible for financial aid.

Senior Citizen

If you are over 60, do not work full-time, and a legal resident of South Carolina, you may take a selected academic course on a space-available basis as a senior citizen without paying tuition. You will need to submit an admissions application and receive approval prior to registration to ensure the class is available. Please contact the Student Records office for additional information.

Continuing Education Student

If you are looking for non-credit, continuing education classes, workforce license or personal enrichment, visit the Continuing Education page now.




Office of Admissions


Beaufort Campus Building 2, Lobby M-Th: 8-5:30; F: 8-11:30 New River Campus: M-Th: 8-5:30; F: 8-11:30 Hampton Campus: M-Th: 8-5:30; F: 8-11:30

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