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Transitioning Military Training Program


The Transitioning Military Training Program assists transitioning military members  with refining the skills that they’ve gained through their military service to match the demands of employers throughout the region.

Nationally recognized certifications are becoming increasingly important to job seekers. Prior service members have a wealth of experience and possess many traits desired by employers, but often have difficulty landing jobs because they lack certifications or documented training that formalize their experience and abilities. The Technical College of the Low Country is pleased to announce four programs for transitioning military members and veterans that will greatly enhance their marketability in today’s job market:

Aviation Maintenance Certificate is a 17 credit hour program that thoroughly prepares experienced aircraft mechanics for attainment of their FAA Mechanic’s License. The program is comprised of 5 classes and can be completed in either a single semester or over multiple semesters. This certificate program is designed for individuals with documented aviation maintenance experience who are eligible to apply for an FAA Mechanic’s License per Section 65.77 of FAA Order 8300.10 Volume 2, Chapter 22. The program’s classes are a hybrid of online, classroom and in shop practical application. This course is not FAA Part 147 approved and instructor permission is required for registration.

Aviation Structural Mechanic Certificate is a 17 credit hour program that is designed for individuals who want to work in aerospace manufacturing, but who do not qualify for an FAA Mechanic’s License.  The program is taught over two semesters and includes online, classroom and hands on practical application instruction. The program covers aircraft blueprints, applied mathematics, aerodynamics, aircraft structures / materials / sealants, sheet metal fabrication, composites and other topics relevant to modern aerospace manufacturing. This course is not FAA Part 147 approved and instructor permission is required for registration.

The Avionics & Electrical Technicians FCC Commercial Radio License Prep Course (EEM-265) will prepare military avionics technicians and radio / electronics repair technicians to attain their General Radiotelephone Operator (Elements 1, 3 & 8 ) FCC license. The FCC Prep is comprised of three modules: Element 1, 3, & 8. The course consists of approximately 45 classroom hours of instruction and will require independent student study.

For more information: Please contact Peter Semetis at (843) 525-8273 or email

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