1. Who do I contact if I want to take the test?
The Testing Center staff at 843-470-8400 or you can email us at: testingcenter@tcl.edu.

2. How much is the test?
There is no cost for the initial test or the retest(s).

3. How many times can I take the test?
Applicants may retake the placement test after a waiting of three business days. During the waiting period, it is strongly recommended that this time be utilized to do additional preparation and studying. Should express registration occur during the three workdays, applicants may be permitted to retest prior to pending additional preparation. Students have a maximum of three attempts in a twelve-month period. A combination of test batteries will be utilized to maintain the integrity of the assessment process. Should a student elect to retest, we will only utilize the most recent scores and not necessarily the highest. Also, you may not retest on any section that you have already enrolled in and begun coursework.

4. What should I take with me to the Testing Center?
For the initial test and any retests, be sure to bring at least one form of photo identification.

5. How long is the test?
The ACCUPLACER is completely untimed. However, the average test time is 2 to 2 ½ hours. Please allow an additional 5 to 10 minutes check-in and check-out time.

6. Can I take a practice test?
Yes, click on the following links:

7. Can I use a calculator?
Personal calculators are not permitted into the Testing Center by students taking the ACCUPLACER. Some, but not all, of the math questions contain pop-up calculators that are embedded within the test for students to use to aid in solving the problem asked. If a question is configured to allow for the use of a calculator, the calculator icon will appear in the top right corner of the screen. When the icon is clicked, either one of two things will happen:

  1. If the question is configured for only the Basic calculator (4-function), the calculator will pop up on the screen.
  2. If the question is configured for multiple calculators, clicking on the icon will provide the student with a drop-down menu of multiple calculators that could include two or three of the following:
    • Basic Calculator = 4-function;
    • Square Root Calculator = 4-function with square root button;
    • Graphing Calculator = TI-84 graphing calculator.

When one of the calculators on the list is chosen, the selected calculator will pop up on the screen. It can be moved around, and clicking the “X” in the top right corner will make it disappear. For these questions, multiple calculators can be used to aid in solving a question, but only one calculator can be shown on screen at a time. For all test questions, the availability of a calculator is intended to support the integrity of the problem that is being measured. If a calculator is useful tool in a student’s solution strategy, but does not give away a correct answer, then it is provided.

8. What happens after I complete the test?
After your scores are printed and entered into your student record, a member of the testing staff will discuss your results and course placement with you. You will then be referred back to Admissions in order to complete the admissions process. Admissions will update your status from applicant to student — pending all required items have been submitted. The name of your academic advisor will then be provided to you. You next step will be to schedule an appointment so that you can meet with your academic advisor in order to finalize the enrollment process.