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You are the reason why TCL exists. Everything we do is for students like you. To help you out on this all-important journey, we’ve conveniently gathered the most important topics for you on this page.

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Let's get registered. Registration is the process of planning and officially registering your seat in class. It’s best to meet with

Academic Advising for Students

Academic Advising ensures you are choosing the right classes based on your program’s curriculum. Your advisor will help you plan your

Course Syllabi

ACC 101 Accounting Principles I ACC 102 Accounting Principles II ACC 124 Individual Tax Procedures ACC 125 Advanced

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What courses are offered when? Visit the course search tool to see a list of Spring II and Spring III


TCL Catalog & Student Handbook 2020-2021 Online Catalog   Catalogs For Previous Academic Years: 2019-2020 Online Catalog (Select

Financial Aid

Financial aid helps students and their families pay for college. This financial assistance covers various educational expenses that my


The TCL Library is closed for in-person support, but most services are available online. FAQ       Request a mobile hotspot 

Tutoring - Writing/Reading and Math Labs

Due to ongoing precautions with the COVID-19 virus, all Tutoring Services will continue in online only formats for the Spring Semester,