Looking for ways to support this fine institution?   Then look no further.  We have numerous giving opportunities right here.

APPLY YOURSELF.  TCL has awarded 1.7 million dollars in scholarship funds since its founding in 1983.   Lowcountry donors have made significant contributions to the Foundation scholarship funds allowing talented individuals to obtain the education and training needed for new and better jobs.   Check here for information on the current semester’s offerings.

MEET THE BOARD.   They’re an eclectic bunch – all with TCL in their hearts and minds.  Meet them here.

Creating magic for our community.  As Chairman of the TCL Foundation,  Sarah Reed leads the charge in providing scholarships to TCL students to help them realize their dream. The scholarship process is just one of the ways the Foundation supports the College’s vision.

THE TEACHING COLLECTION  from our Foundation features fine art, antiques, artifacts and memorabilia donated to the college to facilitate student and faculty learning, research and curriculum development.  Find out more about this unique offering at TCL.

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